General Questions

Q. Does Furniture Transformations™ work on all surfaces—wood, laminate, melamine or metal?

A. Yes, Furniture Transformations™ works on all wood, laminate, melamine and metal surfaces providing the same beautiful look. The finish of the solid colour Bond Coat will allow some of the natural beauty of the wood grain to be visible.

IMPORTANT: If painting over raw wood, it is recommended to use a stain blocking primer such as Zinsser® Bullseye® 1-2-3 Primer to establish a smooth, hard surface area to work with.

Q. What types of furniture items does Furniture Transformations™ work on?

A. There are no restrictions on what furniture items Furniture Transformations™ can be used on. Furniture Transformations™ is great for bath vanities, dressers, armoires, end tables, entertainment centers, desks, table and chairs and much more.

Q. Can I use Furniture Tranfomations™ on damaged furniture?

A. Yes, cracks, holes, nicks and gouges can be filled with plastic wood filler. When the filler dries, sand the area until it is even with the surrounding surface. Once repairs have been made, follow the normal application process.

Q. If my furniture piece has been previously painted, am I able to still transform the surface with Furniture Transformations™?

A. Yes. Furniture Transformations™ will work on previously painted items with additional preparation. Be certain to prepare the surface by removing as much paint as possible with Deglosser. Extra scrub pads may be needed in order to complete the "STEP #1"

Q. Do I have to strip, sand, or prime the surface as part of the preparation?

A. Stripping, sanding, or priming is not necessary with Furniture Transformations™. Simply clean the surface, and use the Deglosser and scrub pads provided to prepare your furniture prior to applying the Bond Coat.

Q. How does room temperature and humidity affect the coating application process?

A. Higher humidity will cause the coating to dry more slowly while lower humidity will cause the coating to dry more quickly. Apply when air (ambient) temperature is 50° F to 90° F (10°C- 35°C) and relative humidity is below 60%.

Q. If I am transforming furniture items that have doors or drawers, do I need to remove the doors and hardware?

A. For best results, removing cabinet or dresser doors and hardware is recommended. It will be easier to get a smooth finish when coating the doors and drawers while they are laying flat.

Q. Should I paint the inside of my furniture doors, drawers or frames?

A. It’s up to you. It is recommended that all cabinet or dresser doors, drawers of frames be coated with two even coats. To ensure a clean, even look, tape the inside edges of each cabinet or dresser frame with smooth painter’s tape. Be sure all edges are pressed down to ensure that none of the coating will be able to bleed through.

Q. What’s the best way to apply the Bond Coat and Protective Top Coat?

A. Apply the Bond Coat and Protective Top Coat in even coats, brushing with the grain of the wood. Be sure to avoid drips. If drips occur, brush over while wet or clean up with water when the Bond Coat dries. Use a premium-quality paint brush throughout the application process for a smooth finish.

Q. Do I have to use the Decorative Glaze?

A. Using the Decorative Glaze is completely optional and does not add additional performance benefits to the system. If you do not wish to use the Decorative Glaze, simply skip “STEP # 3” in the application process.

Q. Where can I learn more about additional glazing techniques?

A. The traditional glazing technique is used in the Instructional Pamphlet directions. For additional glazing techniques and videos, visit RustoleumTransformations.com

Q. I’ve applied the Decorative Glaze, but do not like the way it looks – can I remove it completely?

A. The Decorative Glaze stays wet for 3-5 minutes. While wet, simply use the Decorative Glazing Cloth to remove glaze from surface. If the Decorative Glaze has dried, use a clean, damp cloth to remove the glaze from the surface. Note: If applying over an open grain surface, such as Oak, you may not be able to remove all Decorative Glaze from the surface. If this is the case, you will need to apply another coat of Bond Coat.

Q. Can I spray or roll on the Furniture Transformations™ coating?

A. It is not recommended to spray or roll the Bond Coat of Furniture Transformations™ if you plan on applying the Decorative Glaze. When the glaze is wiped off by the Decorative Glazing Cloth, it naturally hangs onto the grooves made by the brush marks while applying the Bond Coat. If you spray or roll the Bond Coat, you fail to benefit from the beautiful look of the Decorative Glaze.

Q. Can I spray Furniture Transformations™ if I do not intend to use the Decorative Glaze?

A. You may spray Furniture Transformations™ only when you do not intend to use the Decorative Glaze in the system. To spray the Bond Coat, reduce with up to 30% water and use a HVLP sprayer at 35 psi. To spray the Protective Top Coat, reduce with up to 10% water and use a HVLP sprayer at 35 psi. Ideal spray temperature and humidity conditions are 78° F with 35% humidity.

Q. How long should I wait before installing doors, drawers and hardware after applying Furniture Transformations™?

A. Furniture doors, drawers and hardware can be installed as early as 12 hours after the final coat of Protective Top Coat has been applied. Keep drawers and doors ajar until the Protective Top Coat is completely dry. Install plastic or cork bumpers. The Protective Top Coat will be completely cured after 24 hours. Dry times will vary depending on your weather conditions. Avoid using cleaners on new furniture for 7 days.

Q. How do I maintain my Furniture Transformations™ surface?

A. Caring for your new surface is easy. To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent.

Q. What can I use to clean up any spilled Furniture Transformations™ product?

A. Furniture Transformations™ is a water-based system and only requires soap and water clean-up.

Q. How long with Furniture Transformations™ last?

A. With normal use and proper care, your refinished surface will last for years.


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