General Questions

Q. Is Tile Transformations™ safe to use?

A. Tile Transformations™ is safe to use and is low odour. Use care, just as you would with any other refinishing product.

Q. Can Tile Transformations™ Natural Stone be used on tile countertops?

A. Tile Transformations™ Natural Stone can be used on ceramic and porcelain tile countertops, but should not be cleaned with abrasive household tools such as steel wool or scrubbing pads.

Q. How should I clean my shower now that it is coatedwith Tile Transformations™?

A. Clean bathrooms and kitchens that have been coated using Tile Transformations™ with non-abrasive household cleaners such as: Clorox®, Windex®, Tilex®, Kaboom® and Scrubbing Bubbles®.

Q. Can I use Tile Transformations™ on my bathtub (fiberglass or metal) or tile floor?

A. Due to the unique textured finish, Tile Transformations™ is only recommended on ceramic and porcelain wall tile surfaces.

Q. If my shower is coated with Tile Transformations™ can I re-coat over it?

A. Using 80-grit (medium) sanding sponge lightly sand the surface. Wipe down shower with a clean, damp sponge or rag. Run bare hand over the tile surface to make sure all dust is removed. Clean the shower area until all dust is removed. After the tile area is dry, follow Tile Transformations™ instructions carefully and completely.

Q. How long will Tile Transformations™ last?

A. With normal use and proper care, Tile Transformations™ can last for years.


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