How to Apply

Application Steps

Remove all caulk adjacent to the tile and repair any damaged grout. Dampen the scrub pad and use the enclosed packet of Tile Cleaner to clean the area. Let dry.

Pour the Part A activator into the Part B base and mix. Using the 1/4" nap roller, apply the Textured Bond Coat to the existing tile using long strokes, covering all surfaces and grout lines thoroughly. Allow to dry 8 hours or overnight.

Pour the Part A activator into the Part B base and mix. Using a 3/8" nap roller, apply the Natural Stone Finish working in 1-foot sections from top to bottom using long vertical, horizontal and diagonal strokes. Allow Natural Stone Finish to dry overnight. Shower or tub wall tile areas will be ready for full use 24 hours after application!


Quick Facts

Ideal For Wall tile in showers; wall tile surrounding a tub; kitchen backsplashes; ceramic tile countertops
Use Interior
Adheres to Ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces
Kit Coverage Covers up to 50 square feet
Full Use Ready 24 hours after Natural Stone Finish application

IMPORTANT: Tile Transformations™ must be used within seven days of tinting.

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